What mediums do you use?

I primarily create my art with water-soluble graphite and watercolor pencil, though I also use micron pens and graphite from time to time. Most of my pieces are multi-media, using a combination of pencil, watercolor, and sometimes colored pencil on paper.

Can I use your art work for a tattoo design?

I don’t mind people using my artwork for tattoos, and am honored that you would like to make my work a permanent part of your life. But I ask that I am credited for the original imagery if the tattoo is shown online or elsewhere & and that you go to a reputable tattoo artist who is comfortable with the style. Also please keep in mind that if you are willing to pay a tattoo artist, you should also be willing to pay the original artist for their work. Simply purchase a tattoo token or a print of the work you are wanting to have tattooed (if it is not available in my shop, please message me there and I will make a custom order for you). Having a print also works as a great reference point for your tattoo artist. I am a self-employed artist, and while I am honored you want to get my work on your body, I depend on getting paid for my work in order to keep creating.

What size do you tend to work at?

As someone who gets restless easily, I prefer to work small unless I am doing an incredibly conceptualized piece. Most of my original illustrations are not much larger than a photograph although I have been known to work as large as a poster size for commissions or if the piece in question calls for it.


I am available for freelance illustration, album artwork, personal and professional commissions. My schedule typically books up at least a month in advance so I highly recommend early notice on booking requests and inquiries. If you are a company looking to hire me for freelance or a gallery interested in showing my work, shoot me an email at (baserway@gmail.com).

Sizing Details

If you’re looking for a particular print in a larger (or smaller) size, shoot me a an email at baserway@gmail.com I’ll gladly try and accommodate!

Printer / paper specs

All prints are made in-house on my Epson P800.

Typically prints are made on Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte. Giclèe and leaf-infused prints are made on either Epson Hot Press or Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper.

Care instructions

All prints and originals are individually hand sealed by me in clear sleeves and cardboard to ensure they are secure and safe from damage or bending during transit.