Brian Serway was born in southwest Virginia, and currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee. He was raised by his mother, who was an impressionistic oil painter, and encouraged him to create from a very young age.

Growing up around dense forests, vast mountain hollers, and abandoned towns, Brian developed a deep passion for the natural world and his Blue Ridge Mountain home.

As he grew, he synthesized his love for folklore, the cosmos, and wildlife into a personal artistic mythology; in an attempt to evoke the archaic, the ethereal, and deeply mysterious qualities of Appalachia.

Brian works professionally as an illustrator and printmaker. He is a contributing artist at Horse & Hero in Asheville, NC and Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, PA. He curates and hosts art markets in the Tri-Cities region for the Neo-Appalachian Art Guild and is the founder of HollerHouse in Bristol, VA.

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